Our theme for The Deborah Conference for 2022 is ‘Impacting Nations’ and as I was reflecting on this theme and seeking God’s heart for a word of encouragement for His Mighty Deborahs, I heard Him say this;

“Tell My Daughters to ASK ME for the Nations! There are Nations that are waiting to be assigned and reassigned”

I immediately felt the weight of this invitation to ‘ASK’ for the Nations and then a thought followed after that, “Wait, there are nations that are waiting to be assigned and reassigned Lord?”

There is so much happening in and around the world today and there would be prayers like incense arising into the Throne Room of God every second of the day. I believe this invitation to ASK FOR THE NATIONS is for specific prayer assignments for every one of His nations across the globe! There are Nations that are awaiting their Prayer Mantles to be picked up afresh. There are new Decrees over certain Nations that need to be made. There are Watchmen that have grown weary and are waiting for fellow Watchmen to take their place. There are Nations that are yet to be asked for and covered in prayer. There are Nations you haven’t heard of yet that He is about to assign to you if you only ask!

As we pray and prepare for TDC 2022, we know that God is calling us into great things for His glory that will have a Global Influence and Impact the Nations.

Let’s never underestimate the power of prayer that will tend to and soften the very soil of where God wants to bring a fresh impact!

Share below what Nation God places on your heart as you ask Him.🔥🌍

“Ask me to give you the nations and I will do it, and they shall become your legacy. Your domain will stretch to the ends of the earth” – Psalm 2:8 TPT

Marianne Petersen