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We’re off to New Zealand in 2024

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Taupo, New Zealand

Fri 9th – Sun 11th August, 2024

‘Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession’. (Psalm 2:8).

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Deborah’s Obedience

Deborah’s Obedience

It has been said that we never know what is on the other side of our obedience and for those of us who have deepened in this lifestyle of obedience, we know this to be true. We often overcomplicate obedience. In our human nature, we reason and try to understand, we...

Deborah’s Awaken!

Deborah’s Awaken!

THERE IS A CALL OVER THIS NEW ERA FOR DEBORAHS TO AWAKEN!   Wake up Deborah, Wake up! Wake up, wake up and sing a new song! Mighty Deborahs awake! The Lord has put a new song in your heart.   It is your Era to finally break free from silence and break out in song! Let...

Physical Movement can have you at your best!

Ladies, Do you often feel stiff, sore and sluggish while working away for hours on end at your computer? ☹ Sadly, you’re not alone.   Even worse, feeling this way becomes many people’s ‘Normal’.  Yet it doesn’t have to be that way!  The strain, drain and pain of...

The Natural Laws of Business

Change was coming. Isaac could feel it in the air as he sat beneath the branches of a big apple tree. This time of year the sun still had its warm glow but you could feel the crisp chill of autumn just below the surface, like a fish you know lies in the dark hollows...

A Call to Innovation through Thought Leadership

Women in Business Did you know that while women in business continue to be the fastest growing sector in many countries – there’s ONE thing that can paralyse and keep us playing small so that we don’t stand up and speak up to get our message out in a much bigger way? ...

A Call to Innovate

Innovation in a nutshell to me is about the power of the NEW: a new tool, system, product, idea, method, template etc. Innovation is an explosive word that births change and breakthrough. The word that has been really resonating in my Spirit over the last few months...


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