Coming in 2023

Coming in 2023 is a book that will position you for destiny, purpose, and presence. TDC Founder Maree Cutler Naroba, is writing a Book you will not want to miss!

”Come forth my daughters who are sitting in the shadows. Leave behind your brokenness and discouragement. It is TIME to step into not just a little, but fully into the calling I have given you. It is time to pioneer. 

History is at stake. You are my daughters and co-heirs with me and I am calling you to participate with me in shifting the course of history. Learn to roar! No longer be content to just play in the puddles. I call you to stand up, to straighten your battle armour and not let your pain push you down any longer. Open that cage, get out of that cage, and get flying!

I have horizons for you my daughters to see, I have places to take you. I have miracles to pour through you. You are not to be sitting in the back row of life. You are not to settle for a life less ordinary, but come and FLY with me, your God, as you do the possible I will do the impossible – over and over and over again.

Daughter, timidness, brokenness, hurt, discouragement, and despair have to stop, a line has to be put in the sand. I have provided the way, through the cross the Calvary. I have shed my blood. I have come to bring life and to bring life abundantly. I am the victor, so daughters walk in victory. I know and I understand – I too wept – but the days of weeping are over and it is time to ARISE, it is time to AWAKEN: 

Mighty Deborahs Arise. It is time for my daughters to go forth BOLDLY. It is time to flip the narrative, the hour of ‘softly softly’ is over: I am ROARING from ZION”. 

Love, Lion of the Tribe of Judah x

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Maree Cutler-Naroba 

Founder Deborah Business Education Hub 

Business Strategist and Coach, Writer, Child Protection Advocate

Founder The Deborah Conference and Women Echo Him Collective


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