Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur?
How do you see yourself in Business?

An entrepreneur is someone that takes some form of risk. Someone who challenges what is, to create something better.

If you are a business owner, chances are you take some form of risk. Entrepreneurship in essence is the creative process of challenging what is and turning it into something fresh, something new. Something that creates new capacity, new solutions and new playing fields.

But what makes us as Christian entrepreneurs different? We see greater purpose, a higher calling in the things we do. A sense of purpose that includes our impact and sphere of influence into what we do day in day out. A love for people that is not easily found in worldly circles, a generous spirit, a peace that passes all understanding, and honorable and empowering business dealings. There is something different about Christians, we carry ourselves differently. When things are in alignment, we stand out, our existence becomes an authentic one.

So, do you see yourself as an Entrepreneur or just a ‘home-based’ business owner? He uses the same things within you to unlock the outer, in his plans and purposes for you. The way you OWN your business and it’s impact and influence, changes everything.

God didn’t put big things within you for you to play small. It’s time for all of us to step up and into all that he has for us!

Stand tall and embrace, it’s obedience.

Nic Jones