So many times in life and business we sub-consciously aim for perfection. But I had a huge realisation a few years back that excellence is what we should be intentionally aiming for.

Perfection is really never achievable, even for extended periods. Perfection becomes a mental block, a barrier. It’s something we try to align with the picture of perfection in our minds.

Excellence, taps into the heart so when you do things with excellence, you know you are always giving your best. And that’s enough.

So if we are living out God’s purpose for our lives day in day out, and the way we act and do business contributes to an authentic life in line with God’s plans, then we also have a responsibility for excellence.

It’s excellence that makes you stand out in a crowd. It’s excellence that encourages you to keep growing, to keep learning, to upskill and work on the areas that need work. It’s excellence that stands out, and keeps the clients and customers coming back to you over and over again. It’s excellence that has people referring you onto their friends.

Don’t aim for perfection, aim for excellence. The outcome will always be your best.

That’s some pretty awesome food for thought!

Nic Henry Jones