When you go to war, you have to have a strategy. You’ve got to have your ducks in a row, so to speak. I believe that this is a year that we can have so many things thought out ahead of time. We can be strategic.

But there is going to be a part of this year that we’re going to have to be ready to be flexible and maneuverable by the Spirit of the Lord — because sometimes you have to take the most carefully laid plans and turn your life on a dime and do what needs to be done and what is required of you.

This year we’re also going to have to grow in endurance. We’re going to have to push beyond our limitations in God and really center ourselves just not to do what we like to do.

When you go to war, you just can’t go with how YOU ‘think’ war should be fought. You have to fight that war the way that it needs to be fought. It’s fought with strategy, but yet you’re always prepared for the unexpected.

We need to employ this within the Church world. We have to be ready because we’re at war, and we’re charged with enforcing the victory of Jesus Christ!

There’s wisdom in strategy, and God will give you that wisdom on what He wants done. But He will not give you everything, because there is that which you are able to accomplish in the moment that planning will never be able to cause you to accomplish. God has a powerful way of bringing something by the element of surprise.

Sometimes things happen in our day that we have no time to prepare for. But yet by prayer and intercessions, by praying the unknown in tongues, we already have it covered. We just haven’t known about it in our minds.

I believe that this is what God is really trying to set within us at the beginning of this year — because He is the One who knows what we’re supposed to do to win!

Man doesn’t set the parameters — God does! Man doesn’t set how the victory is won. GOD sets how the victory is won.

Wamala Steven

Founder Barnabas Legacy Children’s Dream Foundation