Lord, break my heart…
I remember almost a decade ago, hearing a line from a worship song that had me stop in my tracks, “Break my heart for what breaks Yours”.
Let’s just say the tears were uncontrollable after I had sung those words and a deep stirring began in my heart. It literally felt like my heart was breaking but I knew that it wasn’t my heart. I knew that it was God’s heart.
I never thought in my few years as a new believer to ever speak or pray those words.
Just this week, the Lord brought that song (in particular that one line) to mind and as I reflected with Him this is what He whispered to me,
“Daughter, I know things are overwhelming at the moment. There is much happening in the world and it can be easy for your heart to become numb and closed off to what is happening around you. Whatever you do, let this be your constant prayer especially in this season and I will keep your heart tender towards the things that break my heart. I want you to break your heart for what breaks Mine.”
Wow! The tears were again uncontrollably streaming down my face, remembering the first time I sung those words and made them my prayer “Lord, break my heart for what breaks Yours”
Have you ever experienced this? If I can be honest, I have in different seasons in my life.
When things are challenging and confronting, when we don’t know what to do with what we see and hear, it is so easy to shut our hearts down. It is easy and sometimes more comfortable to close our hearts off.
It hurts to hurt. It is heartbreaking to keep our hearts open to the things that happen in and around us. Is this what you are experiencing in this season, Mighty Deborah?
If this speaks to you, God wants you to know that He sees YOU. He is with you and He wants to reawaken your heart right in this moment.
He wants to open our hearts today to the things that break His heart. It is not for us to carry on our own but together He wants to pray WITH us.
He wants to show us the plans and purposes that He has for everything that is happening in our world right now. He wants to put decrees and declarations upon our lips to speak over the world!
As Mighty Deborahs, we have the authority in Christ to speak against the plans and schemes that are not in alignment to God’s heart and we will do that as our hearts remain tender and open to God and what breaks His heart!
Are you ready MIGHTY DEBORAHS to make your MIGHTY DECREES!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Marianne Petersen
TDC Ambassador